Local Committee Krems

LC Krems is AMSA’s first English-speaking LC and AMSA’s youngest local committee, formed recently during the 2017/2018 school year and made an official LC in March 2018. We are made up of four core leadership members and many part-time volunteers. 
As a new and small committee, we have yet to tackle all of the large AMSA projects, but we still engage with our students and community in many smaller projects and awareness campaigns, such as Boxmas and House vs. Prof sessions. We are happy to be able to provide the SCOPE program for our students and are looking to increase the number of incomings and outgoings each year. We have been warmly welcomed by the AMSA community and are always looking to build ourselves up and expand our projects! 
Are you a student at KL and interested in getting to know about AMSA projects and clinical exchange opportunities? Please write us an email at krems@amsa.at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 


Contact Persons

Local President: Lucie Colomb
LEO: Marlene Götz
LORE: Christine Haddad & Johanna Boege & Alisa Roskos
LOME: Huda Ahmed
LORP: Arina Khaymenova


on request (krems@amsa.at)