March Meeting 2017 – IFMSA 66th General Assembly

Budva, Montenegro

GA: Tag 1 – From first times and the NFDP

The first day in my first GA has begun. As a newcomer in AMSA I decided spontaneously to participate at the 66th GA in Budva – Montenegro. I didn’t have an exact imagination of the GA. What it is and what we do there.

My first day started with various workshops in the SCOPH session, where I was. After a short introduction by the program coordinator we split the participants of the SCOPH session in two parts. In a group of beginners and a group of SCOPH experts. As a newcomer with little knowledge about SCOPH and IFMSA I decided me for the beginner group. Before we talked about SCOPH, we started with a speed dating action. The new SCOPHeros stood opposite each other and everyone talked for about five minutes with an SCOPHero from another country. Then we switched to another new SCOPHero. Since approximately 50 SCOPHeros talked in the same time it was really loud and not easy to understand each other. Later we build small groups to solve various tasks, which we got from the SCOPH team. One of the main aim in this part of the session was to provide a short overview of the structure and the work of SCOPH.

Well, we all guys were newcomers and so in some cases, we didn’t solve the tasks not with our knowledge, rather together we guessed solution of the tasks. It’s not professional, but for the start it’s also a possibility to get the aim. In a later time of the SCOPH session, six guys held lectures about their activities and their achievements in their countries. After four hours SCOPH session, I was a little done and hungry and so I looked forward to eating. But we had to wait a lot before we could eat, because other guys had the same idea. And so, waited more than 300 guys to get lunch.

Direct after lunch we had a theme event session, where speakers present various themes in lecture and you could choose a theme of your interest to discuss this in small groups. As my favourite theme in this session, I chose healthy food and the problem regarding the declaration of good food and bad food.

In the later afternoon, we had the region session, where the GA were split in regional groups – Europe, America and so. In the regional session, we build again small working groups in dependence of our own interest. We closed the first day with our NMO-hour where we discussed our day and told the other guys in the AMSA group what we have experienced – what was good and what was not so good -, because we not all did the same.


The first day end with the NFDP – Nation Food and Drink Party. It was a huge party, where all members offered their national food and drink to the others. I think the most guys which were not the first time at a GA waited the whole day to this point. And some of us took the name “…Drink Party” all too literally.

– Thomas Glöckler –