preGA: Tag 2 –  Colourful faces and being a trainer

So today it’s the report of the true A-Team, Agnes and Anna. Egg sunny side up, sheep milk cheese, pink yoghurt: After a big breakfast we felt ready again to learn a lot today.  Everyone was heading to different directions, following the signs to our training rooms.

Today you will get an insight into the spirit of TNT (Training New Trainers) and Essential Leadership Skills. Let´s start with leadership: 11 students from Ethiopia to Hongkong to Austria attend this workshop and one Austrian, our motivated head of delegation Lisa, even co-facilitates it. The three preGA-days are divided into the topics personal leadership, team leadership and organisation leadership. Yesterday we learnt a lot about ourselves, explored what kind of leader we are and what we want to improve. An important conclusion was that actually everyone already is a leader in the little things and you should be aware of that.


We started with a teambuilding challenge, followed by finding out the different types of people that it takes to form a good team. Afterwards we had to tell our seat neighbour about an inspiring leader we know. It would not be the creative IFMSA trainers if we would not have ended up with something special like colourful faces after this task. Instead of writing down notes on a piece of paper we used face paint to take the notes on each other’s faces. It made a great picture- some of us considered keeping the memory and never wash their faces again. But disappointingly already at dinner there was only one participant with a specially decorated face left- we hope to still see him colourful tomorrow morning! After we had learnt about project management and thought about our own ethical guidelines in the afternoon, we ended the day with a feedback round and thoughts on our progress so far. We all agreed on our happiness about the workshop group since everyone participates actively. We learnt a lot in those first two days- definitely not only how to use faces for taking your notes.


TNT – a really short and quick abbreviation for something. Just three little letters – “Training New Trainers”. It sounds so easy. Anyway, the path to become a new trainer is a hard one. You get everyday a new challenge. This particular day started off with our first own prepared sessions, we gave everything to make it as interactive and interesting as possible. The thing is, you see so many different personalities when they try to pull out everything of their mind and heart – what is just impressing. I held a session about “Motivation” – how to get it and keep it. Holding a session is always a really challenging experience, especially when the trainers go hard on you with their feedback (of course always in BIO style – as appropriate). After almost twelve hours of session we finally could go to dinner and get some needed food. Of course, as a TNT has lots sessions, we continued to have the most amazing session I ever had – till midnight. It was a session about just telling your story. You could share whatever you wanted – and I was so impressed by all the people. I really hope I can keep that feeling in my heart also after this journey here. I learned a huge amount of important things in just two days – I cannot believe that I know these people – my TNT family – only for such a short time.

– Agnes Heinrici & Anna Herzeg –