preGA: Tag 3 – About yoga and sessions

After just a few hours of sleep a couple of crazy students decided to stand up at 7 a.m. to go to the beach and do yoga and zumba. Luckily, Austrians are not the only crazy ones and some other people from different countries joined us. Well, the situation escalated a little bit after the intense workout and the group ended up in the super cold sea (partly with their clothes ;)).

Since we have a perfect time management we were able to take a hot shower, eat quickly our breakfast and of course, be on time for the first energizer of the day in the starting session!

17105774_1790904524269089_1547175247_o - Kopie


Jekaterina: I attended the ITDM (International Training on Disaster Medicine) which is a quite new workshop in the IFMSA but very important because the amount of disasters increase and there is hardly a university which has disaster medicine in their curriculum.

Today was the last day of the training sessions and we talked about the protection of health services and the situations in our countries. It’s very interesting to hear real stories from all over the world because you use to read the newspaper everyday but you never know how the situation feels in reality for the people there. Since we had a wide range of countries attending this workshop (Ethiopia, Syria, Taiwan, Romania, Hong Kong, Morocco, …) we had a great opportunity to exchange experiences in emergency service and talk about prevention of disasters and different organizations who are active in this area. Today we had actually more theory than the other days but we did numerous simulations from triage to whole disaster situations including hospitals, dispatch-centers and scenes of accident the days before.

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Angie: I attended the SDGs workshop (Transforming our world by 2030: Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals) where we focused on the SDGs and how to implement them in our NMOs (National Member Organization = in Austria: AMSA). As in disaster medicine, we also had the great opportunity to network and learn about the different situations in all the countries. Finally, we had a conference of parties simulation with “Global External Focus Areas”(GEFAs) today,  where different “countries” had to negotiate regarding climate change. Georg Schwarzl and I represented Saudi Arabia (as you can see on the picture ;)).


We all spent a lot of hours together in the trainings…as well as the parties at night 😉 , the leave felt as difficult as always, even though we got the chance to spend one more evening together at the closing ceremony. IFMSA spirit at its best! <3

– Jekaterina Baumgartner & Angela Kogler –